Exercise | IELTS Speaking Module | Part 1 and Part 3 Questions

A0005. IELTS FOR BANGLADESH ( www.ielts4bd.com)
A0005. IELTS FOR BANGLADESH ( www.ielts4bd.com)

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  1. Is exercise necessary for everyone?
  2. Why is it so?
  3. Are the people aware of the benefits of exercise?
  4. Are your country people getting fat?
  5. What is the reason behind it?
  6. Do you do any physical exercise?
  7. Why do you do it?
  8. How does physical exercise help to maintain a sound health?
  9. Do your people prefer free-hand exercises?
  10. Why or why not?
  11. What is the difference between free hand and instrumental exercises?
  12. Which one is more effective?
  13. How can people have good health without instrumental exercises?
  14. What facilities does your city provide to keep you fit?
  15. For whom ( or which group of people) physical exercise is not needed?
  16. Why is it so?
  17. When do you think busy people should exercise?
  18. Why did you choose this time?
  19. Are you satisfied with the cities facilities regarding exercise?
  20. Why or why not?
  21. What sort of exercise do the old people prefer?
  22. Why do they prefer this type?
  23. “Keep fit” – is this concept popular in your country?
  24. Is this concept important for all people?
  25. Why or why not?
  26. Do the females also exercise like the males?
  27. Why or why not?
  28. Should males or females focus more on keeping fit?
  29. Why do you think like this?
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