Full IELTS Speaking Test Question | Sample NO 2

A0002. IELTS FOR BANGLADESH ( www.ielts4bd.com)
A0002. IELTS FOR BANGLADESH ( www.ielts4bd.com)

This is a sample Full IELTS Speaking test. You can practice this sample question with your friends.

Part 1

Time: 4-5 minutes

Now, in this first part of the test, I’m going to ask you some questions about yourself.

May I have your full name, please?
Can I see your ID?
Are you a student or do you work now?
Do you love your school/college/university/work place?
Tell me one experience you gathered in your school.
What must be the steps taken to build a better future for the students in school?
What is the recent subject in your country in which the students are interested?
Which is/was your favourite subject?
Why do/did you like it?

Let’s talk about clothes.

What do the clothes reflect?
What type of clothes do you like to wear?
Why do you like this type of clothes?
Why type of clothes do people wear in every season?
What are the differences between past traditional clothes and today’s traditional clothes?
On what occasion do you wear fashionable clothes?
Why world fashion designing is necessary? 

Part 2

Time: 3-4 minutes

Now, I’m going to give you a topic and I’d like you to talk about it for 1-2 minutes.

Before you talk you’ll have one minute to think about what you are going to say and you can make notes if you wish. Do you understand?

Ok, here’s some paper and a pencil to make notes, and here is your topic. I’d like you to describe something you own which is very important to you.

Describe a shop that has opened in your hometown

You should say:

– What shop it is
– What it sells (or, what you usually buy there)
– when you first started going to this shop (or, how you came to know about this shop)
And explain why you like (to go to) this shop

Follow up questions:

Is there any shop nearby that you prefer to buy your households?
Do your neighbours like your favourite shop?

Part 3

Time: 4-5 minutes

We’ve been talking about a shop that has opened in your hometown, and I’d now like to ask you some questions related to this.

What is the importance of shopping?
When do people shop?
What kind of shopping is called wastage?
Do people spend excessive money during shopping? Why?
What are the recent changes you have seen in shopping?
Are these changes good or bad?
Do females liek to shop more than males? Why or why not?

Thank you. That is the end of the speaking test for IELTS.

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