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In IELTS speaking module, the examiner asks a candidate to tell on a topic that is given to him/her. This part is called IELTS Speaking Part 2.
In this part, the teacher gives you a topic written on a paper with some questions. The teacher also provides you a piece of blank paper and a pencil to write down your ideas within 1 minute. After one minute the teacher will tell you to start your speaking. You have to speak for 2 minutes and do not make you stop until the teacher goes the follow-up questions or asks you to stop. You will be asked 1 or 2 follow-up questions.
Here are a number of cue cards that will help you to take a good preparation for your IELTS speaking part 2.

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Updated: 28/01/2017


IELTS Speaking Task 2 ( Que Cards)
Question 1:
Describe a major decision you have taken in your life.
You should say:
– What was the decision?
– What were other choices available to you?
– Why you made the decision you did?
And explain if you think decisions was a good one.
Follow up question
– Do you think taking decisions in our works very important?
– What do you think about taking a wrong decision?
Question 2:
Describe something you do to forget about work or study
You should say:
– What the activity is
– How often you do it
– How it helps you forget
And say whether you would recommend other people try the same thing.
Follow up questions:
– Do you think a student should be serious in their study?
– People are becoming irresponsible to their works nowadays. Do you agree or disagree?


Question 3:
Describe a language you would like to learn
You should say:
– What the language is
– Where it is spoken
– Why you are interested in this language
And say if you think you will ever actually have the chance to learn it.
Follow up questions:
– Do you think international languages outweigh the mother tongue?
– What should we do to save tribal languages?


Question 4:


Describe a book that had a major influence on you.
You should say:
– what the name of the book is & who the author is
– how you first heard of the book
– what the main story of the book is
and explain why it played such an important role in your life.
Follow up questions:
– How can books impact on a man’s life?
– Name some of the famous writers of your country?
– How is reading books different from watching movies?

Questions 5:

Describe a website you often browse.
You should say:

-What is it
– how long have you been using it
– give details information about the website
and explain why you often browse this website.

Follow-up Questions:
– How long have you been using the Internet?
– How has the Internet changed our lifestyle?
– What would be the possible uses of Internet in te future?
Question 6:


Describe a subject taught in your school.
You should say:


– what subject it was and who taught it
– how the teacher taught it
– what you learned from the class
and explain how it helped you.


Follow-up Questions:
– Is there any difference between the traditional and modern educational systems?
– What are the pros and cons of the current educational system in your country?
– Are there any subjects that shouldn’t be taught in school? Why?

Question 7:

Describe a foreign country you have never been to.
You should say:

– where the country is
– when you will go there
– why you would like to go there

and explain why this is a good country to visit.

Follow-up Questions:

– Say something about the tourism development in your country, facility, services and the effect on the environment.
– What is the importance of travel and tourism industry?
– What do you think the function of tourist guides?

Question 8:

Describe a speech that somebody delivered and you heard.

You should say:

– who gave the speech
– what the topic of the speech was
– whether it impressed you or not
and explain why did you like/dislike the speech.

Follow-up Questions:

– what are the differences between a political speech and a speech given by a non-political person?
– what are the important aspects of a good person?
– what makes a person a good speech giver?



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